Picanha is one of the most delicious cuts of meat.  This cut is taken from the back of the cattle, from the top of the rump. Also known as Rump Cap, Top Sirloin Cap, or even Rump Cover. The Picanha can be grilled whole or in steaks.

Ribeye is often called the king of the meats, but when you eat a well-prepared Picanha there’s a big chance that you’ll change your mind. Also called Picanha Steak, this cut of meat delivers an explosion of flavors.

Picanha Steak is a cut of meat removed from the back of the cattle also known as Rump Cap or Top Sirloin Cap. When removed correctly, this cut has a beautiful layer of fat, essential for the flavor. The combination of fat, salt, and a rotisserie grill makes this delicious meat cut tasty and juicy.

The Fat Is Essential

Some people like to remove the fat when eating, but in general, most people eat the meat with the cap of fat. Still, removing the fat after the meat is already grilled is not a fatal mistake, so go with your preferences. On the other hand, don’t even think of making the mistake of removing the fat cover from the Picanha before roasting it. That would destroy the experience! The fat is essential for the flavor and juiciness of this cut of meat.

The doneness of the meat that you like is your personal preference and that’s fine, but in the case of Picanha, the ideal is to eat the meat at maximum medium doneness for maximum flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. When grilled beyond this point, the Picanha will lose some of the flavors and the cut can also be dry.

Popular Ways To Make Picanha

Place your lightly salted Picanha in the deep rotisserie basket.  You call roll it and stuff the inside with fresh thyme and rosemary for extra flavour.  Grill it for about 45 minutes, or until the desired results are achieved.  Add some baby potatoes to the vegetable tray and allow the lovely juices to fall over the potatoes.


Picanha FAQ

What Cut Of Beef Is Picanha?

Picanha is a cut of beef taken from the back of the cattle, from the top of the rump.

What Makes Picanha So Good?

Picanha is a very tasty cut due to the softness and the layer of fat covering the meat, which is an explosion of flavor when roasted. The simple seasoning with just salt is enough, but Chimichurri, Garlic, and Mustard are also good options to season the meat.

What Does Picanha Tastes Like?

As a general rule, Picanha has the complex taste of a good cut of beef with a beautiful layer of fat, which when grilled melts and spreads over the meat improving the flavors.



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